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Floor press 3RM
65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 112/246 *PR*

100 burpees
Time: 5:26

Nice work 6am!
Floor Press 3RM to 49 (PR)

100 Burpees
Time: 8:18 (PR by 1:22!)
6km Run

Pulluip Progression, Pushups, & Clean High Pulls


Floor Press 3RM to 35

100 Burpees

7.29 - Lost count towards the end. Following the work out I thought it was only 5 extra burpees I did. But I added up the sets I did @ the end and it was actually 7. But it's ok - Burpees and I are friends now :)
Floor press to 48kg
100 burpees

Fun night!
Build to 120kg x2

OHP(5rep) + rows(6rep)
6 rounds done EMOM style but each round started on 3 minutes, increasing weight each round.

OHP maxed at 73x4,F
pedlay rows built to 90x6