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AM: Hot Tub/Stretch.
Warmup - 2 Rounds of: 5 Burpees + 10 Banded Squats + 20 Banded Lateral Steps + 10 Overhead Press (5kg) + 10 Snatch Grip BTN Press (5kg).

30 Snatches, 43kg/96#
Time: 5:02 (PR by 57 seconds)

Rest 20 Minutes

30 Clean & Jerks, 43kg/96#
Time: 5:29 (PR by 33 seconds)

Rest 20 Minutes

Tabata Intervals on bike trainer - ouch!

Wasn't sure what to expect today. I haven't done much barbell conditioning work lately and haven't done a Snatch or Clean & Jerk in over a month. I'm happy! YAY!
Build to 180x3

Paused squat

Build to 100

5 rounds of:
400m run
2 P.cleans (100kg)
5 MU

First workout in over a week. Been doing drill non stop prepping for a parade so knees have been beat up. Oh and first MU attempt in probably 3 years lol. First 4 rounds unbroken so that went well...
Press 3RM to 38 (PR)

3 Thrusters (30kg) (odd)
1 Ring Dip (even)
Score: 30/10
Nice and casual...would have paired nicely with khakis and a white wine spritzer ;)