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800m jog

800m run - 3:19
800m run - 3:02
800m run - 3:09
400m run - 1:27
400m run - 1:28
400m run - 1:30
400m run - 1:30
200m run - 0:44
200m run - 0:41
200m run - 0:39
200m run - 0:39

Nice work 6am!
400m walk for warm-up then 7x500m rows with 2x(John M)

500m times: 2:17, 2:17, 2:24, 2:15, 2:13, 2:12, 2:13 Tried to maintain a stroke rate of around 30s/min. Didn't do too badly.
500m row

Build to 385x1

Build to 185x1

Close grip bench and curls volume work.
6km Run


OHS 3RM to 27 (2/3) - On my last rep the bar kinda got a little to forward on me and I couldn't recover. Will repeat next time.

Clean 3RM to 43 - all reps accounted for but I'm just not getting the speed or positioning I want @ the heavier weights. I'm going to reset @ 35 and hopefully be able to move a little fast once I work myself back up.

I was planning on doing Brittany's WOD from Monday but after the second round I could feel how messed up my hand was from Friday and decided to stop. Will stick to temp ring rows, negatives, and stricts until things heal up ;)
Lots and lots and lots of running!

800m x 4: 4:53, 4:19, 4:28, 4:43
400m x 4: 2:22, 2:35, 2:28, 2:25
200m x 4: 1:06, 1:12, 1:07, 0:47

That didn't hurt my shins so much as it hurt my soul.