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Squats 5RM
90, 105, 120, 135, 150, 160
PR with ripped boxers ;)

AMRAP 10 minutes with partner Marcel
5 Cleans (60 %) 75/165
max pushups
Score: 197

Nice work Marcel and the rest of the 6am crew!
Squats 5RM
10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19 *PR with no ripped pants ;)

AMRAP 10 team workout with Chelsey
5 cleans
max pushups
Team score: 79


Front Squat 5RM to 85kg

AMRAP in 19 minutes:
400m run
10 KBS (grey)

6 rounds plus run
6km Run

High to Low Ring Rows + Pullups (hand still sucks so these were short) + Handstands (I going to go ahead and say I have a definite pause before I tumble :) ) + HKR

Clean 3RM to 35 + Drills - these were much better than last week :D


Squat 5RM to 58

AMRAP10 with Heidi :)
5 Cleans @ 30
Max Pushups

131 - <3 the team WODs
Friendly squat challenge with a couple guys from base.
Max squats at bodyweight
- 35 reps.
Never warmed up just put the weight on the bar and went. Should be able to hit 50reps

12k run (goal pace 5:15/km
- 62mins

A lot of hills so the moderate pace was pretty difficult near the end. 14km on Thursday!
Squat 5RM to 64

5 Cleans (33kg)
Max pushups
Score: 133