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Warm-up: 200m run, 10 squats, 2 TGU's x 3

Snatch drills

EMOM 20 minutes:
1 snatch
1 Overhead squat
Add weight each round
Score: 68 / 150

Took it easy, feeling something in my left shoulder.

Nice work 6am!
5km run
Average Pace - 4:17

Immediately followed by
5 rounds of:
10 walking lunges
10 squats
10 push-ups
10 sit-ups
Untimed / unbroken

Really hot run with way too many long hills. Pace was solid for the route probably hitting 7-8 RPE.
1 Snatch
*add weight each round

Started @ 20, ended @ 38 (PR for OHS!)
Bench Press 331x3x3 (PR for reps/sets) + 5 rounds of: 200m run + 3 strict hspu + 6 burpees.
6km Run - "Super Easy Pace" doesn't begin to describe how slow this run was. Pistols have my butt in a vice grip :S

Temp Ring Rows & Pullups + Plus a few air squats to try to warm up legs

Front Squat 3RM to 56 - Horrible. Got to 53 and quit. Pistols got me again!

Warmup/drills - OMG again with the squats.....

1 Snatch

Started @ 10 and worked up to 30 - legs/butt finallly loosened up for the work out :) And the snatches actually went pretty well, I never dropped the bar and speed was good until around 28-29ish.