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Warm-up: Single Unders, TGUs and stuff

Press 3RM (65% of bench)
45, 55, 60, 65, 70 F, 60, 65 x 2 F

Not surprised, my strict press is out of practice.

400 Double Unders
Time: 4:46

Nice work 6am!
First post in a while but training had progressing for the upcoming competition and everything is hitting goal pace!

10km ruck run (40#)
- 1h01

10 days out and then back to crossfit after a small rest!
6.5km Run - Easy 6RPE (legs don't want to go as fast in the morning ;) )


OH Press 3RM to 25 - Better than 5 reps but still hard

400 DUs Cap 15min - Got 337. I really wanted to get the full 400 in today but it wasn't happening. Next time!
Press 3RM to 33

10 Rounds:
200m row (sprint)
2 min rest
Times: 0:48, 0:50, 0:45.8, 0:46.2, 0:45.5, 0:45.4, 0:43.8, 0:44.8, 0:45.2, and 0:47.3.

That's one year for the books at CrossFit Fredericton! Thanks Jodi and Anthony for a great year!! :D Guess I should thank Steve too - only took 5+ years of convincing me that I would probably like crossfit and should try it out. Right again!
Press 3RM to 26
400 double unders
Time -13:05
First time completing these !!! Super happy I was able to!
Great work Lakeisha Elle!