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Warmup: 200m jog, burpees, lunges, squats

Weighted chinups 5RM
3, 6, 9, 12, 14, 16 / 35

10 rounds of:
200m run
2 Muscle Ups
Time: 12:37

Fun workout!

Nice work 6am!
Tempo Ring Rows 5RM
started with rings centred with belly button and finished with top of rings at belly button height. Got to try a chinup, made it part way which was exciting! Need a longer neck to get that chin up over the bar ;)

10 Rounds of:
200m run
4 ring rows

Time: 14:45
I really liked this workout...even with the running!

Also, realized when I got home that it was one year ago today I started at CrossFit Fredericton! :)
5km solo canoe
Average pace 8:44/km
6.5 km run RPE 6 - thank god this concludes this week's morning runs!


Chin-up progression
High to low tempo ring rows 2 ft frd 2s count x5x2
Negative chin-ups x5s x5x2
Strict chin-ups x5x2

10 rounds
200m run
4 chin-ups


Most rounds I got 4 chin-ups in a row. The rest were 3 +1!

Super happy with the chin-ups this week 😆
Chinups 5R
Normal strict
Weighted @ 1kg
Weighted @ 1kg
Weighted @ 1kg
Weighted @ 2kg
Weighted @ 2kg

10 Rounds:
200m Run
4 Chinups
Time: 16:58