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Warm-up: Single & double unders, squats, lunges, pushps, chinups, kettlebell swings

Squats 3RM
90, 105, 120, 135, 150, 160 / 352

Quad feels better, but squats feel a little off. Confidence under the bar is off, could be why.

EMOM 15 minutes of:
8 wallball 20
max burpees
Score: 124

Nice work 6am!
At CrossFit Tidal Danforth:
Warm-up: 750m row, then 3 rounds of 30 sec. Plank and dead bugs (cool new skill I learned.)
Mobility: banded good mornings, OH squats with bar.
Strength: squats to 5x 110 lbs.
WOD: AMRAP in 10 minutes:
20 wall balls (14)
15 burpees
10 Hang power cleans (75lbs, Rx weight).
Score: 3 + 2.
6.5km Morning Run - it was nice and cool so I'm going with a 7.5 RPE ;)

Squat 3RM to 62*PR!! :D

8 Wallballs (14#)
Max Burpees

103 - I started out averaging 9 burpees/round, finished around 6 burpees/round. This was hard! And apparently only worth 1 banana to me LOL

Snatches tonight!