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Warm-up: squats, lunges, chinups, pushups, TGUs

Squats 1RM
95, 115, 135, 150, 160, 170 / 374

AMRAP 22 minutes of:
400m run
1 rope climb
Score: 8


Nice work 6am!
Warmup: Squats, lunges, ring rows, pushups, TGU's

Squats 1RM
12, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28 *PR

AMRAP 22 minutes
400m run
1 rope climb
Score: 5

First time ever trying to climb a rope. Got the first one :) but I was really slow (the hard part was figuring out how to grab the rope with my feet, kept doing it all wrong). Switched to pulling myself up from the floor for the other 4 so that I didn't slow everyone else down during the workout.

It was fun to try something new! :)
Gangster Walk Stare Down/Warmup LOL
(Was really excited, thought I would get to play with the red plates today!)

Squat 1RM to 66*PR
Turns out I didn't get to play with the reds today but it's ok! Only 4kg off and these felt good :D

400m Run
1 Rope Climb

8 - I think I'm getting better at the rope climbs. They're still tricky but I think I was going up faster today with less feet screwups.
PM: Hot Tub/Stretch.
"Quinn" Drills
CrossOver Symmetry
400m Run + 10 Burpees + 10 Squats + 10 Lunges + 10 Ring Rows + 10 Pushups + 10 Situps + 400m Run.

Front Squats 80kg/177# x2 + 1. These felt heavy right from the start. I want this for THREE consecutive reps. ARGH!!!
Rack Pulls 165kg/365# x2.

2000m super easy row in 9:32.0.
Squat 1RM to 72

400m Run
1 Rope Climb
Score: 7+200m run
Hit the Saturday Open Gym for the first time in a long time to do my homework for Snatch Clinic. EMOM 20 of 1st position snatch + 1 overhead squat (first 10 mins) then 2nd position snatch + 1 OHS building up to 30 kg x2 at the end. These felt good so after a short rest tried some full snatches 35x1 and then 40x1 (PR). Olivier's classes are paying dividends after only 2 sessions!

Press 5RM to 37 (PR)

First 10: 1 Full Snatch (from 1st), 1 OHS, add weight each round.
Second 10: 1 Full Snatch (from 2nd), 1 OHS, add weight each round.
For both sets started at 21 and ended at 30.

200 Mountain Climbers
Time: 3:20

2 Ring Dips