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Warm-up: 400m jog, pushups, chinups, burpees, TGUs

Bench Press 5RM
60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 105/ 231

EMOM 20 minutes:
2 thrusters
5 burpees
add weight as you go.
min 2 sets
max 4 sets
Score: 65 (143) / 100

Cheated on my last sets and only did 1 @ 62 and 1 @ 65

Nice work 6am!
6.5km Run - thank god the heat's passed! Definitely ran an 8 RPE this morning :)

Bench Press 5RM to 40 (4/5) - Little bit of confusion this afternoon after my 3rd rep. I recovered (somewhat LOL) for rep 4 but didn't have it for the 5th. That's ok - These felt pretty good otherwise so next time!

2 Thrusters
5 Burpees

Started @ 20 and finished @ 33. I wanted to get to 35 but the last 5 rounds really played me out :P

5km Run - 24.37
I ran this one @ my normal/untimed pace. I wanted to save my legs for squats tonight. I was aiming for 25-26mins - Good news! I'm faster than what I thought :)

Squat 5RM to 64 - These felt really good! Totally worth a slower run time ;)

Clean drils and practice - Trying to work on speed. Made my way up to 40kg