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Run 5000m
Time: 21:38
Fastest this summer, will have to check but thinking its close to my PR.

16 TGUs
worked up to Red, then bar with extra 10 kilos.

Nice work 6am!
5K run
Time: 26:37
a PR of over 2 mins faster from my last 5K!!!! Must be those new running shoes. :)

16 TGU's
started with Pink, progressed to Blue, tried Yellow but could only get 2 reps on the left side, none on the right.
5K - 22:00, PR
TGU'S to Red, went in this morning thinking "hope we don't run today"; ; worked out okay! (not sure how to make a new line without making a new post)
5 km run
Time: 31:24
PR by one minute!!! I am so happy by how much my running has improved this year! My first 5km earlier this summer was a little under 40 min!!! And every 5km day after that was a PR! Love love love the new program!
Turkish Get Ups
24kgsx4 (PR for reps)
5km Run - 22.52 *PR by 10s

28x2 *PR - got it on both sides today

I did lose my bell on both sides coming down - couldn't seem to keep my balance making the transistion from the lunge to the floor... But I got those jokers up and keep control right up until the very end.
5km Run
Time: 30:38

16 Turkish Getups:
4 @ Blue
4 @ Yellow
4 @ Purple
2 @ Green
2 @ Grey (got right hand side, and after many failed attempts decided it was just not going to happen for the left side today. Ah well!)
5K run - 25:45 PR! I agree with you all today, the running has really improved this summer :)