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Warmup: Burpees, lunges, chinups, pushups, V-ups, jumping jacks

5K run
Time: 27:16 It was a frosty run this morning!

20 TGU's, untimed (pink and blue)

Nice work 6 am! :)
Squat 5 x 5
70, 100, 120, 131, 131, 131, 131, 131 / 288

Press 3RM
35,40, 45, 50, 55, 59 / 130

ring dips
Time: 7:45

Nice work 6am!
5km Row
Time: 23.25.7 (PR)
EMOM20 with Brittany MacKenzie Blackmore
1st 10min
1 Clean
1 Push Jerk
2nd 10min
1 Clean
1 Split Jerk

Started with 20 and built to 34

Front Squat 3RM to 58

5km Run - 23.51

10 TGUs
2 Yellow
4 Purple
2 Green
2 Grey - Grey went up on the 1st attempt on the right hand side. It took a couple of trys but I got the left. I'm blaming the 1st few fails on getting my flu shot ;)
5km run . Time 30:29 (PR!!!) Was not expecting a PR at all with the pace I was running at and how i was feeling! So close to my goal of getting under 30!
12 Turkish Get Ups
4 Blues, 4 Yellows, 4 Purple
5km run - 30:07 (PR - YAY!)
20 TGUs - pink (felt a bit faint after my week w the flu)