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Warmup: Burpees, TGU's, Russian and O/H swings, Goblet squats

Deadlift 5R
25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 *PR :)

AMRAP 14: Team with Todd
10 Box Jumps or Step ups
Max Wall Ball

Score: 247
That was a sweaty one! Great way to end the week and work off some of those birthday celebration calories from yesterday :P

Nice work 6 am!
Warm-up: 12 TGUs

Squats 5RM
85, 100, 115, 130, 140, 146 / 322

Z-Press 5RM
25, 30, 35, 40, 44, 47 / 104

5 rounds
300m row
10 strict HSPU
Time: 17:54

Went 3 rounds before the wheels came off. Even started with sets of 3s. Ah well, I'm putting in the work, the results will come.

Nice work 6am!
Deadlift 5RM to 80 - now these feel weird after all the deadlifts 2 knees!

AMRAP14 as a Team with Kristin Schofield :D
10 Stepups 20" (believe me you do not want to go box jumps on this :S)
Max Wallballs 14#

5 p.m.:
Deadlift to 103x5 (PR for reps)
AMRAP in 14 with Alex V.:
10 step ups
Max wall balls (20 lbs) (Arrogant voice in head: "Ooooh look at me, so tough, using 20 lb ball, I'm so cool..." *takes eye off ball for second, ball lands on head, neck makes crunchy sound, falls ass first on floor*)
Score: 240.

6 p.m.: Scraps plan to bench, ices neck, sulks.

Moral: Keep your eye on the god damn ball.