We lift and run and jump. :)
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I haven’t rowed hard in awhile so I decided to test a 500m after an easy squat day; still fastest lightweight in the world. Squat 287x2x5, split squat 154x10x3, ring dips 55x5, strict chinups BWx10x5, row 500m in 1:24.2.
Hip flexor stretches/drills

Bench 3RM to 46 (reset)

6 Burpees
8 V-Ups
Score: 11+1
Warmup Row - 1000m Easy Pace - 4.12.4

Bench 3RM to 42 - 1/3 - Why I can't do better than 41 I have no idea. Seem to keep getting stuck here.

6 Burpees
8 VUps

14-1 - Really tried to squeeze in the last VUp but ran outta time