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Clean Practice

Wallballs 14#
Russian Swings yellow
20 DUs


I tried to sneak in the swings with the green KB but coach Jodi was strict tonight!!! Ha! She probably did me a favour but I still think I would have beaten 20min with green. 😉
Russians swings
Doubles unders
Time :22:53

3000m easy row
time: 12:19.7
Squat 300x2x5, bench press BW(165)x29 (PR), single leg deadlift x 100, kettlebell row x 100. I’ve had the goal of body weight x 30 reps on the back burner for about 12 years and decided it was time to actually push for it. Thought I had it today and just could not lock out the 30th rep. Everything just froze and then my hamstring cramped. Soon!