Have you ever hired someone to give you a custom program and then find out your friend has the exact same program? Many gyms cycle through a handful of templates that "mostly" fit your needs, but it's easier to manage a template than it is to design something completely custom. We design everything from the ground up after sending you a very thorough questionnaire. We account for schedule (including shift workers), goals, fitness level, etc. And we offer this to anyone; current members, people who train at home, or train at other gyms. Interested? Email for more info!
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Paused Squat (2 count at bottom)
90 / 198 x2x8

HSPU x max reps x 3
15, 13, 12

kb swings (16kg)
Time: 3:15

Good session!
Very productive last 24 hours.
deadlift 5Rm to 107
Followed by: 700 reps for time at Ultimate practice (50 each of: burpees, push ups, tricep dips, pistols off a chair, squat jumps, lateral shuttle runs, jumping jacks, plank jacks, side planks with a twist, leg bridges, rocking planks, lunges, mountain climbers, on back elbows to knees.)
Time: 20 minutes even.

Thursday: bike trainer workout at 6 am.
7 pm: AMRAP in 30:
20 wall balls (14)
15 weighted step ups (10 kg plate)
10 push ups
Score: 10+8.

Tomorrow is a REST and BIG FOOD day. :)
Only 143 pounds away from my PR. :P Squat 452x2. I would have gone heavier, but ran out of time and had to coach. Two good points about today. The first is that I wasn’t planning to go this heavy, just happened. The second is that 396x2 felt like garbage, and I would have normally shut it down, but did 419x2 anyway and felt easy, so went 441x2 (easy), and 452x2 (easy). Being able to mentally recover after a bad set is a pretty big milestone right now. Overall great day.
Practice: Rowing, C&Js

Ring Rows

30 DUs
20 Squats

Weighted Chinups 5RM
Regular Strict; 0.5; 1; 1.5; 1.5 (had to break these up); 0.5 (with a kip on the last one) - harder than I remembered!

90 Single Unders
20 Squats
Score: 7+96
Squats 5RM (deload)
75, 90, 105, 120, 130, 140 / 309

AMRAP 10 minutes
5 chinups
10 push-ups
15 squats
*max effort
Score: 14 rounds *PR*

It's my birthday, so I'm going to eat all the carbs ;)

Squat 5RM to 68 PR

200 DUs Time Cap 12min with 4 Burpee Penalty everytime you screw up

8.46+64ish Burpees