The owners of CrossFit Fredericton are national champions in powerlifting and weightlifting who have been coaching for almost three decades. Some quick numbers for Jodi (<114 bodyweight); 305 squat, 200 bench, 385 deadlift. Anthony (<165 bodyweight); 596 squat, 405 bench, 665 deadlift.
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Long casual warm up + handstand practice from clinic.
PM: Hot Tub/Stretch.
CrossOver Symmetry.
Hip Stuff.
10 Burpees + 10 Squats + 10 Lunges + 10 Chinups + 10 Pushups + 10 V-Ups + 2 Turkish Getups.

Bench Press 45kg/100# x10 reps x 2 sets.
Max Ring Dips 23 & 20.

WallBall, 14#
Time: 13:15

Now I know how the crew felt yesterday. ha! YAY for Arms! LOL!

CrossOver Symmetry.
Snatch 30 x 2 x 8

AMRAP12: (with blue KB)
4 Turkish Getups
8 Goblet Squats
12 Overhead Lunges
Score: 5+22
Well that was a bust. Got home at 6:30 from an all-day meeting in Moncton and figured I could either do Open Gym at 7 or take my chances with a cross-country ski. Went with the ski option because the trails blog said conditions were good and tonight might be the last chance before the rain wrecks it for the rest of the season. Got to the trail head, no grooming, started skiing anyway until I nearly sailed out on a huge patch of bare grass and rocks that I barely had time to avoid. Hit a frozen rut trying to stop, crashed and sprained my wrist. Swore, went home. No ski, CrossFit today. Not a happy camper.