The owners of CrossFit Fredericton are national champions in powerlifting and weightlifting who have been coaching for almost three decades. Some quick numbers for Jodi (<114 bodyweight); 305 squat, 200 bench, 385 deadlift. Anthony (<165 bodyweight); 596 squat, 405 bench, 665 deadlift.
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My Dad always said that while it's true that money doesn't buy happiness, it certainly makes misery easier to bear ;)
60min Easy Run with Mary Jane McGuire - 10.8km
AM: Cora's for an anniversary breakfast. 8 years of married bliss. grin emoticon I may have had the S'mores Cora Style from the Teen may have been pure sugar...and it may have been DELICIOUS!!

Hot Tub/Stretch.
CrossOver Symmetry.
Hip Stuff.
10 minute easy bike.
2 Rounds of: 10 BTN Press + 10 Snatch Balance + a million arm and leg swings.

Power Snatch to 56kg/124# x1.
Snatch 59kg/131# x1.
Power Clean & Jerk 67kg/149# x1.
Paused Front Squat 77kg/171# x1.

Not a bad day. I'm a little sore from the Squat Marathon yesterday but not too bad. Snatch and C&J felt decent and met my goal of 1kg more than last week. Slowly starting to get my groove back with these. :D

Super fun day!! Fun to watch Fatou rock 16.2. :)
Weighted Chinup 1RM to 16 (PR)

Snatch 1RM to 38

Incredible job with 16.2 Fatouma Bagnan !😍
5 min Hot tub soak
Warm up ( ...)
Scaled 16.2
Time : 19:52
40 min hot tub soak followed by a 10 min steam room session!