Welcome to the best strength and conditioning program in Fredericton. Our gym has produced almost 70 girls who squat over 200 pounds, 5 girls who squat over 275 pounds, and 3 girls who squat over 300 pounds. Our strongest girl squats 353 pounds at a bodyweight of 138 pounds (that’s 2.55 x bodyweight). Most of them had never touched a barbell before entering our gym and all of them maintained high level conditioning programs.
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70x2, 90x2, 110x2, 125 / 275 x2x4

15 russian swings
15 wall ball
Score: 7 rounds + 3

Nice work 6am! Fun to play with the group this morning.
Bench 5RM to 45

15 Russian Swings (Purple)
15 Wall Balls (Orange)
Score: 4+17
C&Js - what a sideshow LOL could not do a thing with them today 😡

Ring Rows feet elevated x max reps x 3 - 2,2,3 I know how sad that looks but I had to really pull for that 3rd rep and quite happy I got it!!

5 rounds
10 Burpees
10 T2B
30 DUs