The owners of CrossFit Fredericton are national champions in powerlifting and weightlifting who have been coaching for almost three decades. Some quick numbers for Jodi (<114 bodyweight); 305 squat, 200 bench, 385 deadlift. Anthony (<165 bodyweight); 596 squat, 405 bench, 665 deadlift.
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I haven’t “officially” pulled from the floor in a very long time. Maybe 12-18 months; I’d have to check to be sure. I’ve tested things here and there with conventional, jefferson, even did 16.4 with high volume, but things were always light and truthfully they still weren’t comfortable. So today I tested pulling from the floor and was 100% pain free. Yes, I’m weak as fuck. Yes, the bar was slow off the floor. Yes, I hesitated a bit. But no discomfort at any point during or after. I had more reps in me (I think), but got a little dizzy and decided to shut things down and be safe. I’ll back off in weight, work some volume, but I’m confident I’m back on track. Squat 309x5x3 + Deadlift 507x2.