We’ve been coaching for 30 years combined and opened our gym 9 years ago. We were the 1st CrossFit gym in the Maritimes, 1st in Atlantic Canada, 9th in Canada, and 114th in the world.
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AM: Hot Tub/Stretch.
5 minute bike.
2 Rounds: 5 Burpees + 5 Squats + 6 Lunges + 5 Strict Chinups + 5 Tempo Pushups + 5 Strict Hanging Leg Raises + 2 Turkish Getups.
20 Consecutive WallBall (14#).

Squats 107kg/237# x1.
Bench Press (short pause at bottom) 65kg/144# x1.

5 Triple Unders + 1 Strict Muscleup
5 Triple Unders + 2 Strict Muscleups
5 Triple Unders + 3 Strict Muscleups
5 Triple Unders + 4 Strict Muscleups
5 Triple Unders + 5 Strict Muscleups
Time: ~7:30. (Didn't time it exactly)

Sorry for the triple under rage guys...although I think most of you were giggling at me. hahaha! Love it.

Then got 2 consecutive triple unders. Matches my PR from several years ago.
Squat 5RM to 80
Toes to bar practice

Afternoon: 60-minute road bike. First one of the season under the belt. Cold as all get out, but that bike isn't going to ride itself, now is it!