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Clean 1RM: 35, 40, 45, 50, 53, 56xFx1, 58xFx1, 60x1 (PR). Thanks for the reminder Coach Olivier to get under the bar fast, and Brittany for the cue about not hanging out in start position too long. Yay!
Snatch 1RM to 42 (but a PR @ 40 in there for squatting it! Very happy with that!)

Thrusters 5RM to 35
AM: Hot Tub/Stretch.
~25 minutes of hip, thoracic, and shoulder stuff.
25 consecutive wallball (14#).

Decided to do and old school CrossFit Total today.
Bodyweight this morning 51.1kg/114.9#.

Squat 105kg/231# x 1.
Felt great, could have gone heavier in wraps but decided to stay "classic" today.

Strict Overhead Press 42kg/94# x1.

Deadlift 120kg/266# x1. Kept this pretty light.

Then really had the urge to snatch. I haven't snatched in a few weeks but built up to 60kg/133#.

Super Fun day! :D