We’ve been coaching for 30 years combined and opened our gym 9 years ago. We were the 1st CrossFit gym in the Maritimes, 1st in Atlantic Canada, 9th in Canada, and 114th in the world.
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Deadlift 1RM: 70, 85, 95, 105, 115, 122 (PR). I swear my face and brain went every colour of the rainbow on that last rep. Who needs drugs when you can deadlift your way to hallucination.
3 rounds:
10 SLDL (33)
8 front squats (33)
6 thrusters (33)
Time: 6:04. Ugh, hard but good.
Nice clean PR today Marie-Hélène!
Warm up
Strict Press 49kgx1
Power Snatch 41kgx1 PR
Clean and Jerk 58kgx1

off day. Congrats on the PRs Rebekah, Claire, and Marie-Hélène! :)
Thank you !! :D
Luv you Lil kim
60min easy run - 10.6km
4 p.m. Carriage Hill loop on the bike, 32km in 1h 15min., including stupid, stupid Carriage Hill and its three little sisters in Deerwood subdivision. At least the last part of the ride is a reward: 55km/h bomb down Hanwell.
Oh my god Kimy, is that you?