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9.7km easy run + some walking - 56:57
AM: Hot Tub/Stretch.
20 Minutes of Hip, Thoracic, Shoulder stuff.
5 Casual rounds of: 4 Strict Handstand Pushups + 7 WallBall (20).

Squat 112kg/248# x1. Not my deepest rep but I'm pleased considering how much trouble my sciatic nerve has been giving me the last few days. ARGH! Running hurts too.

Bench Press 67kg/148 x1.

3 Rounds of:
800m jog
2.25km bike
Time: 33:43.
Super slow's hot out - a girl needs her lip gloss...and helmet. ;) First time outside on the bike this year. LOVE IT! Can't wait to get my tires changed and get a decent ride in.