We’ve been coaching for 30 years combined and opened our gym 9 years ago. We were the 1st CrossFit gym in the Maritimes, 1st in Atlantic Canada, 9th in Canada, and 114th in the world.
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Warmup: squats, lunges, ring rows, plank, V-ups, Burpees, TGU's

Squat 5R
15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 *PR for lower box height :)

3 Rounds:
800m run
30 Russians (Yellow)
30 Lunges
Time: 20:25 After the sets of lunges, my legs felt like rubber when running :P Real quad burner that was!

Nice work 6am! :)
Seated KB Press (one arm)

Ring Dips

Run 20 minutes VERY easy

Fun morning!
Bench 331x3x3 and that's it.
Squat 5RM to 62

3 Rounds:
800m Run
30 Russian Swings (Yellow)
30 Lunges
Time: 21:28
Squat 5RM to 50

3 Rounds of:
800m Run
30 Russian swings (blue)
30 Lunges
Time - 20:00
Squat 40x5; 50x5; 55x5; 60x5; 65x5; 69x5

KB Press 8x12; 12x12x3 - Right hand side was easy; left hand side was a mess. I had one decent set on the left @ 12 and the rest were broken >:[

3 Rounds
800m Run
30 Russian KBS Green
30 Lunges

PM: Hot Tub/Stretch.
20 minutes of Hip, Thoracic, Shoulder stuff.
3 Rounds: 200m Run + 10 WallBall (20#).

Kettlebell Flyes 8kg/18# per arm x 10 reps x 3 sets.
Ring Dips BW+10kg/22# x 5 reps x 5 sets.

3 Rounds:
800m Run
30 Russian Kettlebell Swing, 32kg/70#
30 Lunges
Time: 20:27
Stupid allergies...could not control breathing today either. Boo! Was hoping for under 20 minutes but this will have to do. haha!