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Bench 10RM to 41 (PR)

60 Single Unders
10 Pushups
Score: 8+42
Squat 463x9. Something popped in my ankle in rep three. It was pretty uncomfortable and I just got cranky and bailed before 10 reps.
Squat 45x5; 55x5; 60x5; 65x5; 68x5; 71x5 PR

KB Press (One Arm at a Time) 8x3; 12x3; 16x3x5 - Failed on the left hand side. Ended up with Right hand 16x3x5 and Left 12x3x5.

20 DUs
10 Pushups

Bench 10RM to 26

60 SUs
10 PUs (started strict, moved up to the box for second round)
Score: 7 + 60
Bench 10RM to 29

Amrap 10
60 SU
10 PU (box)
Score= 8