Welcome to the best strength and conditioning program in Fredericton. Our gym has produced almost 70 girls who squat over 200 pounds, 5 girls who squat over 275 pounds, and 3 girls who squat over 300 pounds. Our strongest girl squats 353 pounds at a bodyweight of 138 pounds (that’s 2.55 x bodyweight). Most of them had never touched a barbell before entering our gym and all of them maintained high level conditioning programs.
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Warmup: "Get your running shoes on!"

5K run
Time: 29:59 (just sqeaked it in under 30! :) )

50 Thrusters @ 12

Nice work 6 am! :)
PM: Hot Tub/Stretch.
10 Minutes Hip stuff.
2 Rounds: 10 WallBall (20#) + 20 Jumping Jacks + 30 Running Butt Kicks.

5km run in 27:11. Less than a minute slower than my 5km PR but it was crazy windy today...I don't do well in wind, couldn't control my breathing and ended up dealing with side stitches for the entire 2nd half. All things considered (including my strong dislike for running)...I'm pleased.
5km Hard Run - 25:37
5km Run - 32:00

50 Thrusters @ 20