The owners of CrossFit Fredericton are national champions in powerlifting and weightlifting who have been coaching for almost three decades. Some quick numbers for Jodi (<114 bodyweight); 305 squat, 200 bench, 385 deadlift. Anthony (<165 bodyweight); 596 squat, 405 bench, 665 deadlift.
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PM: Hot Tub/Stretch.
10 minute easy bike.
Hip and Shoulder Stuff.
CrossOver Symmetry.
10 Burpees + 10 WallBall (20#) + 10 Lunges + 10 Chinups + 10 Pushups.
Bench Press 60kg/133# x3 reps x 2 sets.
Strict Hanstand Pushups x 7 reps x 5 sets.

Sled Push/Pull - built up to 50kg/110# (in addition to the sled) then went back down again. This took me by surprise. Holy hard!! Even with the rest between sets, it felt like a hardcore conditioning workout. haha!!
Squats 10RM to 66. Easier than 65 was almost a month ago, so that's cool.
5 rounds in 9 minutes:
20 Double unders
15 Russian KB swings (red)
10 V-ups.

Managed to keep decent form on the V-ups, thought they would turn in to S-ups as I got further into things but they didn't. Been away fro CFF a lot lately doing "Brain" and "Art" stuff, so it was great to bite into this WOD and get some good hard muscle-y stuff in. Felt great.
Clean 52x2x8

60 Single Unders
15 Russian Swings (purple)
10 V-Ups
Score: 6+36
Standing KB Press (two arms)

Ring Dips

Row 3000m fartlek
Time: 11:41.4

Better session vs yesterday
Squats 45x5; 55x5; 60x5; 65x5; 69x5; 72x3 F

20 Negative Ring Dips - 3s Hold

20 DUs
1 Rope Climb

10+6 - Shoulders did not have much for the workout after the ring dips :S
I prefer the company of dogs over people, I get hairier by the month, and I don’t sleep during full moons. I’m not saying there are werewolves, but I’m not saying there isn’t, either. Felt like total shit, so backed off in weight. Squat 441x5x3.
Clean drills

Clean 15x2, 20x2, 23x2, 26x2x8
(may have gotten confused by the instructions - awkward)

60 SUs
15 Russian swings (blue -> yellow next time)
10 V-ups
Score - 6+37