Welcome to the best strength and conditioning program in Fredericton. Our gym has produced almost 70 girls who squat over 200 pounds, 5 girls who squat over 275 pounds, and 3 girls who squat over 300 pounds. Our strongest girl squats 353 pounds at a bodyweight of 138 pounds (that’s 2.55 x bodyweight). Most of them had never touched a barbell before entering our gym and all of them maintained high level conditioning programs.
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140 / 309 x5x3

Strict Chinups x max reps x 3
18, 12, 12

AMRAP20: 400m run + 7 clean & jerks (60kg)
Score: 6 rounds + 200m
Good session
Warm up

Clean 56kgx1x5
these were a major battle today but got it done

Squat 94kgx5
These were thankfully easy

Bike 20 mins fartlek style
23+ minutes of hip, thoracic, shoulder stuff.
400m jog + 10 Burpees + 10 WallBall (20#) + 10 Lunges + 10 Chinups + 10 Pushups + 10 V-Ups + 400m jog.

Squat 96kg/213# x5 reps.
Split Squats 30kg/67# x 10 reps per side.

2.5km run in 13:14. 1:02 slower than my PR but all things considered, I'm quite happy with this. :D
Light warm up
Modified front squat to 45x5
3 rounds:
800m run
15 reverse Burpees

BARFTASTIC WOD, that one is.
5km Run
Time: 39:49
That was TERRIBLE! I walked half of it!!
10 sets as a complex:
1 Hang Power Snatch
1 Power Snatch
1 Snatch
* rest 2 minutes between each complex
** add weight as you go

Started at 10 and worked up to 31

30 Negative Chinups (4 seconds)

400m run
10 t2b

6 Rounds - had 36s left but called it quits. Hands are super dried out from camp stuff - made a call to switch to VUps the last round.