Welcome to the best strength and conditioning program in Fredericton. Our gym has produced almost 70 girls who squat over 200 pounds, 5 girls who squat over 275 pounds, and 3 girls who squat over 300 pounds. Our strongest girl squats 353 pounds at a bodyweight of 138 pounds (that’s 2.55 x bodyweight). Most of them had never touched a barbell before entering our gym and all of them maintained high level conditioning programs.
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Excellent book quote today.
Warm up



Row 3000m easy
Time: 14:00

lol @ my shoulders
PM: Hot Tub/Stretch.
15+ minutes stretching/drills.
400m jog + 10 burpees + 10 wallball (20#) + 10 lunge + 10 chinups + 10 pushups + 10 v-ups + 2 turkish getups + 400m jog.

Sumo Deadlift 130kg/288# x 1 rep.
Kroc Rows 28kg/62# x 20 reps per side.

4 Rounds:
400m Run
2 Rope Climbs
Time: 10:42 - 10 seconds slower than May 19th but I'm 1.5 pounds heavier and my ass hurts...are those valid excuses? hahaha!!
Rest day!
Deadlift 91x1x2

Bench 34x10

2000m Row - 8:31.4
Deadlift 5RM to 57

5 Rounds of:
60 DUs
10 Hanging leg lifts (fml)
10 Step-ups
Time - 9:45

Sumo Deadlift 110kgx3 PR for sumo

Enjoyed this positioning more than conventional but have some work to do on the set up and still lost some back positioning when it got heavy. Overall the weight felt much lighter than when I did the same amount conventionally.

Front Squat 89kgx1 PR
Wowww this was heavy today
Clean 1RM to 58
Saturday: Front Squat IRM to 65. Not a PR, but it's the first time my wrist hasn't felt sore racking the bar since I injured it so that's progress. 5 rounds: 20 double unders, 10 hanging knee raises and 10 box jumps. Time: 6:30. No pain in wrist while hanging from the bar, and first time doing box jumps since crashing into the box 5 months ago, which made me chicken about them for a while. Good day for getting some things back on track.