The owners of CrossFit Fredericton are national champions in powerlifting and weightlifting who have been coaching for almost three decades. Some quick numbers for Jodi (<114 bodyweight); 305 squat, 200 bench, 385 deadlift. Anthony (<165 bodyweight); 596 squat, 405 bench, 665 deadlift.
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Another cat-like landing on the box from Peter Papoulidis!
5.7km ~35mins - fartlek style with two full out max effort sprints ~10s each

And I had some company today!
More pics of Peter please!!!
Finally, a pic of you, Peter.....I was beginning to think you were the official photographer for CrossFit. ... ;) cause we never saw you in the postings
AM: Bike to Granny's. Visit Granny. Bike to Gym.
PM: Chillin' with the fur monkeys.
5km Run
Time: 32:43
+ Clean Drills
5km Run
Time - 30:10

Clean drills (arg!)