Welcome to the best strength and conditioning program in Fredericton. Our gym has produced almost 70 girls who squat over 200 pounds, 5 girls who squat over 275 pounds, and 3 girls who squat over 300 pounds. Our strongest girl squats 353 pounds at a bodyweight of 138 pounds (that’s 2.55 x bodyweight). Most of them had never touched a barbell before entering our gym and all of them maintained high level conditioning programs.
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Warmup: Burpees, squats, lunges, ring rows, pushups, V-ups, TGU's

6 sets of 5 @ 10 kg (felt fine) :)

AMRAP 7 Burpees!
Score: 75 *PR :D

Nice work 6 am!
Squat x 3
85, 100, 115, 130, 140, 149 / 328

Elevated Single Leg Squat

800m run + 20 lunges + 10 burpees
Score: 3 rounds (10 seconds OT)
Squat 3RM 70

AMRAP7 Burpees
Score: 92
Jerk 42kgx1x10

Bench 40kgx10

Bike 15 mins easy

Coming off of a bad flu so taking it nice and easy :) overall felt okay today
Squat 68x3

HSPU Reduced Range of Motion
Red plate x3x2
Blue plate x3x2
Yellow plate x3x2
Green plate x2x4
Tired a real HSPU - failed
Green plate X1
Baby green plate X1
1st ever HSPU!!!! Then 1 more for fun!

5 rounds
10 deadlifts 50
12 t2b

11:16 - I wasn't sure if I would ever get thru the t2b. They were hard tonight :s
Squat 3RM to 60 (PR)

Max burpees
Score - 92