We’ve been coaching for 20+ years and opened our gym 10 years ago. We were the 1st CrossFit gym in the Maritimes, 1st in Atlantic Canada, 9th in Canada, and 114th in the world.
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I miss looking at these pipes. Looking good Peter.
Looking fantastic Peter. Congratulations on your retirement xo
Missing you 😖
Looking good! 😘
Beautiful person ❤️❤️
Warmup- regular warmup with 50 jumping jacks added at the end...uh oh...guess what that means...?

5K Run

20 TGU's

Nice work 6am!

Max strict chinups x 3
11, 9, 9 ... fuuuuuuuck

4 rounds:
400m run
25 wall ball (20#)


legs still feeling it from yesterday's workout! hooolay
Clean 40x2x3

Ring Dips 2x5

4 Rounds
400m Run
25 Wallballs